Warning:The information that I am going to tell you right now, is 100% True. Extra terrestrials are inhabitant creatures from Outer Space That has populated the skies since the dawn of time. Sightings are frequent, and well recorded. But Government officials Believe that what see, is not what you think.....FALSE! IF YOU ARE A PERSON, WHO GETS SCARRED EASILY, I urge you to leave right now! Because this will frighten you forever. 1. Since the late 1700s, Extra Terrestrial Space craft's have been sighted, George Washington, Truthfully, Have seen, not one, not two, but three U.F.O's In the sky during the american revolution. and one, a day before his death!But Georfe, Was NOT the the first to sight one. During The growing of the Egyptian Empire, Ufo sightings have also been PRESENT.

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